Proven Portfolios for Stocks & Bonds

Pergamon Systems offers 5 portfolios forged from years of experience in the markets. We leverage our background in software engineering & algorithm design to offer you a 100% transparent insight into how we trade, so you gain to follow along and profit alongside us.


A variety of portfolios

We offer 5 different actively traded portfolios across both the stock and bond markets. From widely diversified or long-term trading ideas all the way to short-term trading approaches – there’s something for everyone.

Real Money Backed

Each published strategy is backed via a $50,000 starting capital. This gives you the confidence that our interests are aligned with yours: We don’t publish a strategy until we’re confident in it. Our money’s invested just the same way yours is.


Complete Transparency

Pergamon gives you all the information you need to select the strategy that meets your needs. You can see any portfolios’ past trades, current portfolio holdings and performance at any time.